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Cosmetic & Tattoo Artist- Aleisha Gannon


Aleisha has been tattooing for 7 years & her style is greywash realism. Particularly Roman/ Greek mythology. She also does Cosmetic tattooing & 3D areola restoration using tattooing techniques.She also produces artwork to cover Mastectomy scars through Pink Lotus Breast Restoration.

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Tattoo Artist- Justine Centenera


Justine has been tattooing for 5 years & her style includes neotraditional, greywash realism & realism colour. Custom script (the script guru) lacework, fine line delicate details, floral work. She is also in collaboration with Aleisha to produce artwork to cover Mastectomy scars for women post surgery.  

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Tattoo Artist- Paul Banwell


Paul has been tattooing for 3 years & his style includes greywash realism, geometry, Roman/ Greek Mythology. He also enjoys using dot work in his pieces to create a blend of artistic styles. He has a strong interest in full colour oriental inspired designs & is open to similar styles.

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Meet our Team

Tattoo Artist- Corey Walters


Corey has been tattooing for 2 years & his style includes Traditional, New Traditional, New & Old School, Custom script pieces, His interests are in full colour, Cartoons, Marvel, DC Comics. He is also an illustrator and has a large following of his hand drawn images on instagram.

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Apprentice Tattoo Artist- James Buchanan-Smith


James has been with Ink Haus for a year now and travelled from the UK to join our team. His current interests in the tattooing realm include greywash, fine line designs, dot work, geometry, script & stipple portraits. (dot work) He is developing his style and is open to other styles as long as they fit within his apprentice capabilities.

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Breast Cancer Tattoos


Aleisha also runs the Pink Lotus Breast Restoration business which has a wide range of temporary tattoo nipples available. (available from feb 18) other services include: 3D Nipple Tattooing, Silicone Nipple Prosthesis & custom Tattoo Art to cover mastectomy scars.  For more information please visit the Pink Lotus website (link on this webpage)

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3D Nipple Tattooing is also available- Search www.pinklotusbreastrestoration.com

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